StrataDOC (VOS Version): Release 16.2.1

VOS Release 16.2.1 offers enhanced STCP output performance by providing a new version of start_stcp_stack. This command is not intended for general use; it is available only to Stratus support personnel. Administrators must use the command macro, which invokes this command.

The new start_stcp_stack command does not use the netconf configuration file. Since it is no longer required, the netconf file is not provided in the >system>stcp>templates directory. If a copy of a netconf configuration file is placed in the >system>stcp directory, it is ignored.

Note: Although no longer required or used, the prior functionality of the start_stcp_stack command has been retained in the configure_stcp command.

For information about additional features of this release, see the documentation for Release 16.2.0.


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