Using the ASM Manager Web Site to Configure ASN Support

After you install an ftServer system, you go to the ActiveService Manager Web site (ASM Web site) to configure ASN support for the system.

On the ASM Web site, you provide the ASN with information that:

  • Uniquely identifies your system
  • Describes the connection method your system uses to send alerts to an ASN Hub when unusual events occur
  • Tells the CAC or your authorized Stratus service representative whether they can connect to your system to troubleshoot problems

Using the ASM Web site, you can configure your system to send alerts through the following methods:

  • A dedicated phone line

Sends alerts through a modem attached to your system, a modem attached to Virtual Technician Modules (VTMs) in your system (if present), or a modem on an ftServer Access Adapter (ftSAA) in your system (if present).

  • The Internet

Sends alerts through a secure Internet path.

  • An ftGateway system

Provides a way for up to 20 systems to share a single phone line connection to send alerts. An ftGateway group has one ftGateway system that is directly connected to the phone line, and up to 19 ftGateway slave systems that connect through the ftGateway system.

You can specify that alerts be sent in only one of these ways, or primarily in one way and secondarily another way, as an alternative if the primary method fails to send the alert.